Tuesday, September 17, 2013

County Board's Long Range Agenda: Massive Urban In-Fill Countywide

Hey Yupette,

Seen the County Board's Consent and Regular Meeting agendas for the September 21st and 24th meetings? They're up on the arlingtonva.us site.

If you take a close look you'll notice that the meeting agenda reflects the County Board's long-term goal of in-fill urbanization across the County. To benefit developers, REITs and non-resident County bureaucrats who are the County's de facto primary decision makers.

What's worse, non-resident County employees who are responsible for economic development and planning are in-filling residential neighborhoods with multi-jurisdictional public infrastructure, paid for by County residents. How many non-residents do you think will drive to use the Longbridge recreation megaplex? Lots.

Speaking of driving, check out all the additional parking spaces that will be created in the mega-infill Pen Place corporate welfare package for Vornado. In a county where the Board of Supervisors spent $3 million promoting a car free diet last year while approving the construction of 3,000 new parking spaces via site plans.

Residents of Aurora Hills, Fairlington, and Williamsburg have the right to be outraged. Their neighborhoods are the latest 'redevelopment opportunities' offered to the REITS by a County Government that's completely corrupt.

Thanks for posting this blog.

Ken, 22207