Friday, October 22, 2010

Arlington Planetarium - From Embarrassment to Fiasco

Hello Ms. Yupette,

I'm a Democrat and I'm fed up with my party and with county government. The failure of the school system and county government to raise $400,000 to renovate the Planetarium is beyond being an embarrassment, it's become a fiasco.

In case you wondered, $400,000 is less than 1/10th of 1 percent of the school system's budget. The County Board thinks nothing of spending $60,000 for underwater art and $460,000 on the planning phase of beaver pond restoration.

But never mind the school system and county government. Where are the civic-minded citizens of this County? Where are the REITs? Where is the Chamber of Commerce? Where are the local media? Lining up at the County Board offices for corporate welfare. Or, telling us how we should lead our lives (special mention to Scott "Big Mouth" McCaffrey).

It's outrageous, but understandable, that School Board Democratic Party activists Libby Garvey and Sally Baird should go to Jim Moran to get federal funding for the Planetarium. The School Board is just another sub-committee of the Arlington County Democratic Committee.

Ms. Yupette, I am following your recommendations and voting for Ron Fisher, Kevin Chisholm, and Miriam Gennari on November 2nd. Thirty years of Democratic antics are enough.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christmas in October - October 23rd County Board Meeting

Hey Yupette,

It's Christmas in October this Saturday, October 23rd, at the County Board meeting. Neighborhood Conservation funds get parceled out for neighborhood wants. When does my street get repaving and energy efficient lights that light the street get installed?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zimmerman's Republicrat Ward Heelers Moving On - From 'Suspected Person' to 'Suspected Driver'

Hello, Yupette,

If you own a radio scanner, as I do, and monitor the dispatch calls on the Arlington Police frequencies, you will soon hear that Zimmerman's 'Nanny Nancy' Republicrat Ward Heelers have gone from calling in complaints about 'suspicious persons' they see taking groceries out of their vehicles to calling in 'suspicious driver' complaints whenever they see a person who doesn't conform to Chris Zimmerman's 'vision' for Arlington driving down a street, road, or interstate. So if you are pulled over by the Arlington Police and issued a ticket for 'reckless driving' you may not have driven recklessly.

Bethany - 22204

How Many of Arlington's K-12 Children are Malnurished?

Hi Yupette,

Although Arlington taxpayers give the school system $452 million to educate 21,000+ children it appears that thousands of children enrolled in Arlington schools are malnourished and / or undernourished. How does a school system that seems to have a program for every student allow so many children to come to school each morning hungry? And why with the millions spent on food service does the school system serve students meals they won't eat? This has been going on for years. My daughter and her friends claim the school system serves "rabbit food". They do not eat 'junk food' and seldom consume soft drinks. All we get from the School Board are constant promises to make improvements. Why do we keep re-electing these insipid people?

Kathy - Wakefield Parent

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Arlington Yupette Endorsements - 2010 Elections

For U.S. House of Representatives - 8th District

Ron Fisher

For Arlington County Board

Kevin Chisholm

For Arlington School Board

Miriam Gennari

Special Mention - For United States Senate, Wisconsin

Senator Russ Feingold