Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Congressman Beyer, Limo Liberals Hold Progressive Hugfest, Trump Hatefest

Hey Yupette,

I voted for Bsrnie in last year's Democratic Primary so I received a post card from Congresman Beyer inviting me to his "Road Ahead" meetup at Wakefield H.S. on Monday.

I have to give Congressman Beyer credit, he was cheerful and upbeat, not like Jim Moran at all. Answered any and all questions for more then 90 minutes. Brought knowledgeable people to the meetup who were on-stage to follow up on questions.

Unfortunately, this meetup was not for constituents but was a rally for limo liberals, aka wealthy progressives. First indication of that was Republicans collecting candidate petition signatures well outside the school building. Second indication was the tables set up outside the school's auditorium by the usual progressive groups.

Inside the auditorium about every limo liberal in the Eighth District was in attendance. And some progressives from DC and elsewhere. Minority group members were conspicuous by their absence.

Whatever Congressman Beyer's intentions, the meetup quickly deteriorated into anti-Trump rants and "what are we going to do now"? questions. And pitches for every progressive cause, program, dogma, etc.

Oh, a few minority group members in attendance with questions about school integration and housing affordability were turned over to County Board and School Board members for the usual say little, do nothing pontification.

Based on this meeting would I blame the Trump Administration for completely ignoring Congressman Beyer and the legislation he sponsors? No.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Arlington Progressives Move On - From Re-Segregation to Apartheid

Hey Yupette,

If you thought the Arlington Democratic Party's "Resegregation Through Gentrification" Program was insipid, wait until you experience what's next on ACDC's Progressive agenda - Apartheid.

Yup, what Arlington Dems decided at the joint County Board Majority / Arlington Democratic Party organizational meeting, held at "Gentrification Jay" aka "Gourmet Jay" Fisette's estate on New Year's Day was to stop dithering with charades like "affordable housing" that isn't affordable and a "car-free diet" that's actually a "more-car diet", and just drive the middle class undesireables out to the outer-outer suburbs and completely replace them with an educated Caucasian Elite with a massive amount of disposable income.

In the event you wondered why the County Board won't allow better-government activists to pull County Board Meeting Consent Agenda items anymore, why Westover Progressives have been spewing hatred at people who live in Westover apartment buildings, why the ACDC-controlled Civic Federation only has a couple of delegates (if that many) from minority groups attending monthly meetings, why Arlington undercover police officers intimidate minorities from attending County Board and Advisory Committee meetings, and so on, it's because Arlington's Progressives want to take the last step in the County's 35 year evolution while they've been in power - from a vibrant middle-class County to total Apartheid. Aided and abetted by elected state and federal VIP PlutoCrats and media owners and publishers who are out-and-out corporate pirates.

Thanks for the AY blog. Keep wearing that Trader Joe's shopping bag.

FedUp Dem

Oh, BTW, Peter Rousselot is driving the Urban Village Idiots nuts with his weekly columns on ArlNow.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Audrey Clement and Peter Rousselot - Arlingtonians of the Year


This month AY informally polled our contributors and about a hundred Arlington residents who don't relate to the agendas of either the Republican or Democratic Parties. From a list of ten Arlingtonians who do not adhere to the agendas of the political machine that's controlled Arlington for more than 35 years they chose Audrey Clement and Peter Rousselot as Arlingtonians of the Year for 2016.

Last month Independent Audrey Clement received 27% of the vote for County Board against an opponent who uses huge amounts of political patronage to buy votes from special interest groups. Audrey's campaign platform stressed fiscal and environmental responsibility and government accountability.

Peter Rousselot is a former Chair of the Arlington County Democratic Committee (i.e., the Arlington Democratic Party). Peter's columns in the news blog ArlNow also stress fiscal and environmental responsibility and government accountability.

AY looks forward to Audrey's and Peter's continued activism for better government in 2017.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Stray Cat Cafe' to Re-Open This Week

Hey Yupette,

Good news for Westover and the region's cat lovers. Stray Cat Cafe' will re-open this week. Owners foiled New Urbanist/Smart Growth anti-small business County Government by doing a basic makeover that did not require permits from DES for heavy excavation, plumbing, electrical and other upgrades. New Urbanist Cult members who control County Government deliberately delay and deny permit applications so small businesses are discouraged from making upgrades, in County Government's quest to completely "Clarendon" Arlington County.

So look for a new bar and renovated tables and a new kitchen at the Stray Cat.

Also a revamped menu.

See you there later this week.

Eric, 22205

Friday, December 23, 2016

FMRV to Become Team Sports and Performing Arts District

Hey Yupette,

I attended the Four Mile Run Planning Charette (pronounced 'Charade') on December 21st. Surprise. Surprise. Four Mile Run Valley will become a team sports and performing arts district, with a new team sports field house no less.

The result of more than a year of patronage promises made by County Board members (e.g., Libby Garvey) in return for special interest votes.

Little concern expressed about the loss of small businesses along FMRV and tax revenue produced by the small businesses. This was a done-deal before Dover-Kohl was invited to facilitate the charade. Which has cost taxpayers at least $500,000 (so far) for staff time and Dover-Kohl's services.

BTW, if you want to know how County Government actually operates a good place to visit is Peter Rousselot's weekly column on the ArlNow blog.

Kathy, 22206

Update - Peter Rousselot's weekly column for December 22nd can be found at:

Sunday, December 18, 2016

395 Express Lanes - Latest Chapter in Arlington's More Car Diet Saga

Hey Yupette,

So the County Board approved a resolution calling for I-395 Express Lanes, although there is major unhappiness by the Arlington neighborhoods that would be affected. What else is new in the ongoing More Car Diet saga? County Board needs good will of Governor McAuliffe and the General Assembly to pay for a WMATA bailout due to WMATA's incompetence. And for a laundry list of vanity projects.

Can't slow down Prince William, Stafford, and Prince William residents who drive from the affordable outer suburbs through un-affordable Arlington to their places of employment where they can earn enough to afford a 4-bedroom home in a sprawl neighborhood bulldozed out of farms, forests, and along streams. The General Assembly won't allow it.

I-395 Express Lanes approval was the last in a series of actions the County Board took during 2016 to increase the number of vehicles, and vehicle trips, in Arlington, ranging from approving huge new parking garages a couple blocks from Metro stations to more parking and larger drop offs for SUV parents at Stratford Elementary School.

If you don't want to drive you can always take an ART bus, soon to be stuck in traffic at 6 mph.

Thanks for this blog.

Ted 22202

Monday, December 5, 2016

Four Run Mile Valley Insiders' Planning Charade Continues

Hi Yupette,

I live in the Four Mile Run Valley and dropped in the FMRV planning charettes several times over the past few days.

Anyone who calls what's been happening regarding FMRV planning "planning charades" has got it right. Any suggestion I made about preserving open space as open space was immediately disparaged by both so-called "community leaders" and Arlington's so-called "planning staff". Any suggestion I made about mitigating traffic and parking resulting from new parks and rec amenities was also dissed.

Appears to me FMRV parks and recreation spaces will be packed with as many people, activities, and vehicles as possible. And, based on County Government's patronage, aka vote-buying with tax dollars, multi-neighborhood canine care centers will be juxtaposed with performing arts centers and a big new WETA production facility.

So, we have to ignore these "planning charades" and determine what the County Board actually promised the performing arts groups, among others, a year or more ago.

No Way, BTW, will I ever vote for Jay Fisette who got all this started, 20 years ago.

Bethany, 22206