Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jay's Next Jam -- 4MRV Performing Arts District

Hey Yupette,

Twenty years of Gentrification Jay, aka Gourmet Jay, Fisette...Enough. So what does he do for an encore after two decades of facilitating doggie spas, live theater, and aquatics...everywhere? Anyone who's been around for awhile will remember the various antics Jay and his former domestic partner, now spouse, Robert Rosen pulled on behalf of the Signature Theater, ranging from the lengthy and convoluted theater-library planning process in Shirlington to the multiple taxpayer-funded financial bailouts of the Signature over the years.

So, what Jay's planning now, together with Arlington's various live theater and performing arts groups, is nothing less than a performing arts district in the western portion of the Four Mile Run Valley that will share the entire 4MRV with the sports and recreation groups. Never mind the businesses located in the 4MRV and the neighbors who want businesses like motor vehicle repair (and the good-paying jobs that go with the businesses) to stay in the 4MRV. Everything that isn't bulldozed will be renovated and repurposed for sports, recreation, and entertainment. Promises were made a year ago over lunch at Busboys and Poets.

That's when Jay isn't spending time at his retirement estate on Florida's Trump Coast. So hold on to your wallets after tax-paying small businesses are gentrified out to be replaced by taxpayer-funded and taxpayer-subsidized sports, recreation, and entertainment venues. The 4MRV is another target of New Urbanists who deliberately allowed public and private infrastructure (like the Signature's off-site scenery shop, owned by the County) to deteriorate for decades to facilitate re-development.

Susan in Shirlington

Saturday, February 18, 2017

County Board Will Again Defer Potomac Yards Land Bay C Discussion

Hey, Yupette,

Thanks for this blog. County Board's February 25th and 28th Agenda is posted and the County Board will again defer discussing whatever deal or deals have been made / are being made regarding Land Bay C in Potomac Yards, owned by European supermarket giant Lidl, until April.

Land Bay C is one of the last undeveloped commercial parcels of any size in Arlington. Residents of Arlington Ridge and other neighborhoods near Potomac Yards are already unhappy about future traffic from I-395 Express Lanes and future Pentagon City development.

Meanwhile, County's New Urbanist Elite is evaluating residential neighborhoods for siting a new 750 student elementary school and a new 1,200 student high school. The choices range from bad to terrible.

It remains to be seen if the County Board even allows Land Bay C to be removed from the Consent Agenda, as it did last month.

Ridge Runner

Friday, February 10, 2017

Garvey Bought 2016 CB Election With Tax Dollars to Special Interests for Votes


AY was recently able to acquire copies of County Board members' desk appointment calendars for Calendar Year 2016 from an Independent who (like those who publish this blog) doesn't "go along with the program". The desk calendars were obtained via a FOIA request. More than 27% of County voters didn't go along with the program last election and voted for Independent Audrey Clement for County Board.

Libby Garvey's desk calendar indicates that she spends about 85% of her time on things that have little or nothing to do with day-to-day governance. How did she win? Primarily through buying votes with tax dollars.

For example, it's obvious that the complete "de-industrialization" of the Four Mile Run Valley is a done-deal, no matter how many millions the County spends on 4MRV planning charades. Libby met with sports, recreation, and performing arts groups throughout 2016 in various local restaurants (e.g., Busboys and Poets, Alexandria Pastry Shop, Bayou Bakery) and promised that every sports and recreation activity - from dog parks to soccer - would get quality space once industrial buildings in the 4MRV corridor are torn down. Same promises to performing arts groups. In the event anyone wondered why there has been no discussion in 4MRV work sessions about preserving collision repair shops, etc., on Four Mile Run Drive.

Oh, Libby also met repeatedly with the local media, especially ArlNow owner and publisher Scott Brodbeck, and promised they would continue to receive favorable treatment from the County's public information, aka smart growth propaganda, machine.

Whew, what a lot of work. No wonder Lyin' Libby asked for a big increase in her County Board salary.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

County Board's Latest Corporate Welfare Recipient Will Have to Answer in Court for Child Slavery

Hey Yupette,
Another month, another corporation Arlington Economic Development is poaching by offering corporate welfare deals they can't refuse. This time it's Nestle', an international corporation capitalized at $250 Billion.

Did Economic Development and the Limo Liberals who run County County Government know that Nestle' is being sued for child slavery in Africa and the U.S. Supreme Court just ruled that the plaintiff's case can go to trial?

Check out this YouTube video:

Meanwhile County Government can't gentrify essential small business out of the County fast enough.

Thank you for your blog.

Don, 22201

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Abingdon Asbestos HazMat Scare Latest Use Permit Violation


A release of asbestos being removed from Abingdon School during renovation occurred yesterday. It was the latest in a laundry list of use permit violations related to the school's renovation that have occurred since renovation started last Summer.

Bad enough that Abingdon's students may have been exposed to asbestos, but the neighbors who live close-by Abingdon School weren't notified about the incident until today.

Among the local celebrities who live close to the school are Inside Nova / Sun Gazette Editor Scott McCaffrey and ArlNow Publisher Scott Brodbeck.

APS repeatedly promised the Arlington County Board there would be no repeat of the numerous use permit violations that occurred during Ashlawn, McKinley, and Discovery schools construction / renovation.

The Abingdon School neighborhood is furious and is demanding replacement of APS and contractor managers responsible for recurring problems at Abingdon.


Followup on January 27th - It gets worse. Interior of Abingdon School wasn't contaminated by asbestos because the asbestos was dumped outside the school and left uncovered!! Neighborhood was the last to know and many who live close to the school still don't know.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Congressman Beyer, Limo Liberals Hold Progressive Hugfest, Trump Hatefest

Hey Yupette,

I voted for Bernie in last year's Democratic Primary so I received a post card from Congresman Beyer inviting me to his "Road Ahead" meetup at Wakefield H.S. on Monday.

I have to give Congressman Beyer credit, he was cheerful and upbeat, not like Jim Moran at all. Answered any and all questions for more then 90 minutes. Brought knowledgeable people to the meetup who were on-stage to follow up on questions.

Unfortunately, this meetup was not for constituents but was a rally for limo liberals, aka wealthy progressives. First indication of that was Republicans collecting candidate petition signatures well outside the school building. Second indication was the tables set up outside the school's auditorium by the usual progressive groups.

Inside the auditorium about every limo liberal in the Eighth District was in attendance. And some progressives from DC and elsewhere. Minority group members were conspicuous by their absence.

Whatever Congressman Beyer's intentions, the meetup quickly deteriorated into anti-Trump rants and "what are we going to do now"? questions. And pitches for every progressive cause, program, dogma, etc.

Oh, a few minority group members in attendance with questions about school integration and housing affordability were turned over to County Board and School Board members for the usual say little, do nothing pontification.

Based on this meeting would I blame the Trump Administration for completely ignoring Congressman Beyer and the legislation he sponsors? No.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Arlington Progressives Move On - From Re-Segregation to Apartheid

Hey Yupette,

If you thought the Arlington Democratic Party's "Resegregation Through Gentrification" Program was insipid, wait until you experience what's next on ACDC's Progressive agenda - Apartheid.

Yup, what Arlington Dems decided at the joint County Board Majority / Arlington Democratic Party organizational meeting, held at "Gentrification Jay" aka "Gourmet Jay" Fisette's estate on New Year's Day was to stop dithering with charades like "affordable housing" that isn't affordable and a "car-free diet" that's actually a "more-car diet", and just drive the middle class undesireables out to the outer-outer suburbs and completely replace them with an educated Caucasian Elite with a massive amount of disposable income.

In the event you wondered why the County Board won't allow better-government activists to pull County Board Meeting Consent Agenda items anymore, why Westover Progressives have been spewing hatred at people who live in Westover apartment buildings, why the ACDC-controlled Civic Federation only has a couple of delegates (if that many) from minority groups attending monthly meetings, why Arlington undercover police officers intimidate minorities from attending County Board and Advisory Committee meetings, and so on, it's because Arlington's Progressives want to take the last step in the County's 35 year evolution while they've been in power - from a vibrant middle-class County to total Apartheid. Aided and abetted by elected state and federal VIP PlutoCrats and media owners and publishers who are out-and-out corporate pirates.

Thanks for the AY blog. Keep wearing that Trader Joe's shopping bag.

FedUp Dem

Oh, BTW, Peter Rousselot is driving the Urban Village Idiots nuts with his weekly columns on ArlNow.