Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Arlington Police - More Reactive, Less Effective

Hey Yupette,

I had a near miss with a bicyclist running a stop sign without slowing down and making a left turn a week ago. An Arlington police officer was stopped at the intersection. The bicyclist waved to the cop and sped on.

What I'm finding, checking news blogs and talking to Arlington residents in several neighborhoods, is that the Arlington Police are more reactive, and less effective, than ever. They respond to a huge number of complaints phoned into the County's communications center every year. Whether these complaints have merit or are meritless nothing is done to remediate whatever generates the complaints. A-Town is an excellent example. Goes on being a big drain on police resources. As for bicyclists, like A-Town they're another special interest group that's allowed to do it's free range thing. But if you drive a motor vehicle Arlington Police are becoming increasingly punitive. You better stop for that free range jaywalker, even if he or she is not in a crosswalk.

Arlington Police apparently can't effectively deal with armed robberies of convenience stores and domestic arguments. If you want to argue with your significant other about who gets to take out the garbage don't let your neighbors hear you. Police have begun considering domestic arguments hostage situations. Then there are the malicious complaints called in by neighbors, whether it's the butterfly garden on your front lawn or because you don't go along with what your Democrat-controlled civic association wants for your neighborhood. All taken seriously by the ACPD.

It's more than obvious that policing in Arlington is just a paycheck for 80% of Arlington police who don't live in the County. The other 20% enjoy zooming around reacting to whatever is called into the communications center. But that gets old after a few years. Best advice for now, until there's significant reform of the ACPD is - stay away from the police unless you have to contact them for something important.

And stay safe navigating around the Smart Growth mess the County's become.

Mark, 22205

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gutshall a Leading Contender for Reeves Farmhouse Ownership

Hey Yupette,

Discussion continues about which Young PlutoCrat is going to own the Reeves Farmhouse, which the County Board decided to sell last month rather than renovate and turn into an environment education center.

For years speculation has been that the Arlington County Board and Arlington Democratic Party wanted the Reeves Farmhouse to go to a deserving Democrat, perferably someone who works at home and has a thriving and expanding business.

Lately the sentiment around ACDC is for a self-employed Democrat with a family to more into Reeves Farmhouse rather than the farmhouse become a law office or real estate office.

So a tentative decision has been reached among the ACDC movers and shakers to give County Board candidate Erik Gutshall, who is a successful self-employed gentrification contractor, the right of first refusal on buying the farmhouse. Of course nothing will be announced until after November's elections.

Meanwhile the County (Parks and Rec) is spending several hundred thousand dollars fixing up the farmhouse in advance of a sale.

Decision to sell the farmhouse to a deserving Dem was made years ago, and now it's just a matter of which Dem finally gets it.


Mike Bluemont

Thursday, April 6, 2017

APS Reported Close to Naming New Elementary School on TJ Site?

Hey Yupette,

I tuned to last night's Planning Commission meeting via AVN and saw the plans for the County's latest Space Age Elementary School. To be crammed onto the TJ Middle School campus. At least 292 total parking spaces planned on-site, for now, and likely many more in the future. Energy efficiency? What's that? As for the school's design, it's back to the future - 1962. Since the architects obviously lifted the school's design from an early-60's futuristic cartoon series the only possiblity for a name is "The George and Jane Jetson Elementary School".

Thanks for your blog.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

VDOT to 'Fast Track' Ten Mile I-95 Express Lanes Extension to Fredericksburg


In the event you missed the announcement in the Post a couple weeks ago VDOT is planning another another I-95 Express Lanes extension from Exit 148 in central Stafford County to Exit 133 at the City of Fredericksburg. Length of the Express Lanes extension will be about 10 miles. This will add to the 2 niles of Express Lanes currently being bulldozed on the median North of Exit 148.

Entire "planning" phase for this project will occur between now and January 2018. As with previous Express Lanes extensions, many thousands of trees in the mixed hardwood and evergreen forest on the I-95 median would be destroyed to construct Express Lanes.

Nothing stated by VDOT about the impact of more Express Lanes traffic driving to Arlington, Alexandria, and D.C. No one ever told anyone in Arlington that 1-95 Express Lanes would be lengthened 10 miles.

For more information you can visit VDOT's Web pages at:



Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A-Town's Live Entertainment Permit Renewal Another Gimme?

Hey Yupette,

I live in the neighborhood of A-Town in the B-R Corridor and it appears that A-Town's live entertainment permit that's going to the County Board on Saturday (Consent Agenda Item #4) is another gimme. The antics at A-Town since last September are worse than during the previous 6 months, with a couple of Millennials who were ejected from A-Town last Sunday fighting each other and then the police who were called to break up the fight. And we're barely into the St. Patrick's Day and March Madness mayhem.

So I am sending this to Arlington Yupette because the neighborhood (which does not nescesarily include the civic association - a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic "Party's Over Here" Party) has had enough of A-Town and wants A-Town to move away - far away - from Ballston.

Members of the Public are allowed to remove Consent Agenda Item #4 on Saturday for discussion by the County Board next Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM . To do that you have to attend Saturday's County Board meeting at 8:30 AM and submit a slip to the County Board Clerk. Or you can write to the County Board at: countyboard@arlingtonva.us asking that one or more County Board members remove the item for discussion on Tuesday.

I think if this goes on with A-Town we are going to have innocent bystanders in this neighborhood hurt. Too many handguns out there being legally or illegally carried concealed. Anyway, thanks for bringing these issues up in your blog.

Mark from Utah Street

Monday, March 6, 2017

What's Next for Reeves Farm Farmhouse?

Hey Yupette,

I gotta wonder what's next for the Reeves Farm farmhouse. None of the groups that expressed interest in saving the farmhouse for historic purposes could raise the $2 million or so needed to create a museum or historic learning center. As we all know, there is no real philanthropy in Arlington, so some wealthy person isn't going to come forward to buy and restore the farmhouse and turn it over to the County or a non-profit.

Which leaves the County. Same Arlington County that just went $1.9 million over budget for five 1-block residential street improvement projects. Same County where Parks and Rec pays $800,000 to tear down a perfectly good home next to a park to create a vacant lot. Same County that just gave Nestle' a $6 million relocation gift. Same County that's building $500,000 bus shelters that don't shelter (reduced from $1 million). Same County that gives APAH tens of millions to build affordable housing that's not affordable to the working class who work in restaurants and retail next door to, or across the street from, the affordable housing. And so on.

So, Arlington being Arlington, I have to wonder who will finally own the Reeves farmhouse. I have to believe it's will be someone VERY politically connected who was promised the farmhouse years ago. Guess we will have to stay tuned for news.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jay's Next Jam -- 4MRV Performing Arts District

Hey Yupette,

Twenty years of Gentrification Jay, aka Gourmet Jay, Fisette...Enough. So what does he do for an encore after two decades of facilitating doggie spas, live theater, and aquatics...everywhere? Anyone who's been around for awhile will remember the various antics Jay and his former domestic partner, now spouse, Robert Rosen pulled on behalf of the Signature Theater, ranging from the lengthy and convoluted theater-library planning process in Shirlington to the multiple taxpayer-funded financial bailouts of the Signature over the years.

So, what Jay's planning now, together with Arlington's various live theater and performing arts groups, is nothing less than a performing arts district in the western portion of the Four Mile Run Valley that will share the entire 4MRV with the sports and recreation groups. Never mind the businesses located in the 4MRV and the neighbors who want businesses like motor vehicle repair (and the good-paying jobs that go with the businesses) to stay in the 4MRV. Everything that isn't bulldozed will be renovated and repurposed for sports, recreation, and entertainment. Promises were made a year ago over lunch at Busboys and Poets.

That's when Jay isn't spending time at his retirement estate on Florida's Trump Coast. So hold on to your wallets after tax-paying small businesses are gentrified out to be replaced by taxpayer-funded and taxpayer-subsidized sports, recreation, and entertainment venues. The 4MRV is another target of New Urbanists who deliberately allowed public and private infrastructure (like the Signature's off-site scenery shop, owned by the County) to deteriorate for decades to facilitate re-development.

Susan in Shirlington