Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Virginia's Third State Song - 'Smart Growth Shenandoah'

Hi Yupette,

So Virginia now has two State songs, "At Home in Virginia" and "Our Great Virginia".

But what about our State's great heritage of Smart Growth Gentrification? The Smart Growth Elite paves over suburbia and gentrifies out the working class, middle class, everyone in Arlington with less than $100,000 in disposable income ($200,000 for families). Where are they to go? Where do Arlington residents go for recreation when every playground is a dedicated soccer field? Where does the Middle Class go for affordable housing that's affordable? Where does the Smart Growth Elite build their vacation McMansions? Where is the refuge from pub crawls?

Don't worry, be happy. The Smart Growth Elite has it all planned. Their future and ours is 100 miles away. Yup, the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Now mostly populated by cows, sheep, and horses. Smart Growth Gentrification getting started here and there in the Valley, mostly in the older towns and cities. Never mind those smelly horses, cows, and sheep. Soon they will be replaced by vacation McMansions. Agricultural land to be bulldozed for affordable housing. And you thought the Smart Growth Elite are selfish, greedy, elitists and racists. Not true. They even had a group of urban hipsters write a third State song "Smart Growth Shenandoah" that won't become outdated soon because it will reflect the reality of life in Virginia in 2045.

Jeanne 22201

Friday, March 20, 2015

Arlington Police Abandon Neighborhoods to Provide Pub Crawl Security

Hey Yupette,

Chief Doug Scott may have retired from the Arlington Police Department but it's still the same old ACPD. Residential neighborhoods have been stripped of police officers for the past two weeks to provide security for St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the Ballston-Rosslyn corridor which are going to morph into March Madness next week, after the St. Paddy's Day Mega Crawl on March 21st. ACPD has had a command post set up in the B-R corridor since March 13th and it will remain until after the NCAA Championship Game on April 6th.

So be sure to lock your vehicle, put personal belongings out of sight in the trunk or locked storage compartment, keep bicycles indoors, turn on security lighting, and watch out for strangers in your neighborhood looking for things to steal and neighbors to rob. Those of us who live in residential neighborhoods that are not in the B-R corridor are on our own until after April 6th.

Barry, 22207

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bikester Urban Hipster Cult to Gridlock Arlington by 2018

Hey, Yupette,

I visited my sister in Baltimore for the first time in about two years.

Latest news from Baltimore is the Bikester Cult has Baltimore gridlocked much of the time, together with their Gangsta buds who ride everything from skateboards to ATVs on Baltimore's streets, roads, highways, trails, sidewalks, everywhere, all the time. Pedestrians are constantly in danger. Motor vehicles can't move.

Same thing is gonna happen here in Arlington within about 3 years, if the Bikester Urban Hipster Cult has its way. Facilitated by the likes of Urban Hipster wannabes like Jay Fisette.

But don't believe me. Take the MARC train up to Baltimore and see Arlington's future for yourselves.

Terri, 22201

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fighting Intensifies Over Open Space Repurposing

Hey, Yupette,

Stay tuned to Saturday's County Board meeting for another neighborhood demonstration about saving existing open space from development and/or repurposing..

Meanwhile, it's been 6 months since Abingson School planning began and APS is still engaged in fighting with Abingdon neighbors about paving the open space at Abingdon for more parking and vehicle turn-around the point where the County Board is again getting involved. As the County Board had to get involved with Williamsburg, Ashlawn, and McKinley school construction.

At the School Board meeting this week almost nothing was said about education at Abingdon, discussion was all about traffic and parking.

How did we get to the point where we are spending a fortune on school buses that are almost empty, and another fortune building parking lots and turn-around space for SUV soccer parents who refuse under any circumstances to allow their child or children to ride a school bus?

More reason for a complete moratorium on New Urbansim before we are overwhelmed by in-fill.

fairgirl - 22206

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Non-Resident County Staff Approve More A-Town Mayhem

Hey Yupette,

Agenda for next Saturday's County Board meeting is posted on the County's Web site. Hottest item on the Consent Agenda is the use permit renewal for A-Town. Non-Resident County Staff have pre-approved renewal of A-Town's use permit, although the mayhem related to A-Town's operations continues, reduced only by the apparent demise of pub crawls in the B-R corridor.

Since September, Arlington Police have been dispatched 3 times for loud noise complaints at A-Town, dispatched 6 times for public intoxication, dispatched twice for disorderly conduct, and dispatched 5 times for assault-related incidents. The Fire Marshall has responded twice for the restaurant being over-capacity. Nearby residents have repeatedly complained about noise and oveserving of alcohol.

So what does County Staff propose to do? Re-impose the same old laundry list of site plan conditions on A-Town for another 6 months. Oh, BTW, the recently-hired Assistant County Attorney, who's a Falls Church resident and signed the Staff Report, is rumored to be Steve McIssac's replacement as County Attorney when he retires.

Thanks for this blog.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Time for a Comprehensive Local Bus Network That Serves Everyone

Hey, Yupette,

How much will County taxpayers pay to support Capital Bikeshare next fiscal year? Another pet vanity transit project that rational and sane adults decline to use five months a year. Like during this prolonged winter. Then there's the lack of anything resembling a safety program for bicyclists in general and Capital Bikeshare in particular. Oh, County Government also approves site plans that co-locate hundreds of motor vehicle parking spaces and hundreds of bicycle parking spaces in the same building. Rush hour gridlock on adjacent streets when warm weather finally arrives? Stay tuned.

How much is being poured into seasonal Bikeshare that could be spent on better Metrobus service and more ART Bus routes that can serve everyone year-around? Where is that independent internal auditor? While we're at it, can we have a linked connector bus transit system among local jurisdictions?

Thank for your blog,

ART Bus Rider

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Family and Friends Persuading Jay Fisette to Retire from County Board

Hi Yupette,

Another ACDC Meeting, another election cycle begins. Not surprising that five Young Yellow Dog Democrats are running to replace the Old Yellow Dog Democrats retiring from the County Board. Thing that was the most surprising was several Democrats told me that Jay Fisette's family and friends are persuading him to retire at the end of his present term on the County Board, end of 2017. By then Jay will have served 20 years on the County Board and many Dems feel that's long enough. Also, LGBT Dems who have long been Jay's most ardent supporters feel it's time to put a young LGBT candidate on the County Board.

Some of Arlington's non-Yellow Dog Democrats hold Jay largely responsible for the loss of a supposedly-safe Democratic County Board seat last year because of Jay's increasingly-expensive pet vanity projects - dog parks, live theater, and aquatics.

Jay and his spouse, Rob Rosen, have become quite wealthy during Jay's time on the County Board, so Jay can do whatever he chooses when he retires.

Thanks for your blog.

ACDC Old Timer