Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Public Not Sufficiently Informed About Tonight's Alexandria-Arlington-Falls Church Joint Work Session

Hey, Yupette:

Turns out three imporatant topics will be discussed at tonight's Alexandria - Arlington - Falls Church joint work session, to convene at the Durant Arts Center, 1605 Cameron Street in Alexandria, at 7 PM.

(But first there will be a closed dress rehearsal meeting by the County Board at 3 PM).

So, the topics to be discussed tonight are all important:

Staff presentation about multi-modal transportation and land use across jurisdictions, focusing on the Route 7 corridor;

Planning for a future multi-jurisdiction 9-1-1 connunications system; and,

Short term residential use (e.g., accessory dwellings, bed-and-breakfasts, and so on).

The staff reports for the meeting only appeared this morning on the County Board's Web site at arlingtonva.us

Nothing seen on the local media.

Media may report tomorrow what decisions were made without public input or a public hearing

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Anonymous said...

News blog Editors Scott Brodbeck and Scott McCaffrey live in the Route 7 corridor on the Alexandria-Arlington border.

Anonymous said...

Dress rehearsal for multiple a multi-jurisdiction done-deals? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Nothing seen on the news blogs besides the usual daily dose of drivel from $cott and $cott.

Anonymous said...

Smells like multi-jurisdiction $mart Growth revelopment opportunities

Cindy said...

Post's Alexandria-Arlington reporter attended, along with about a dozen Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church residents, including an AY contributor.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything about this on ArlNow or Inside Nova this morning.

Anonymous said...

One decision that was made -- the jurisdictions should plan for seamless local bus service in the near term (ART, DASH, Metrobus, future BRT).

Anonymous said...

Was there anyone seated around the table who was not a yellow dog Democrat, except for John Vihstadt?

Anonymous said...

Post report report today said little about decisions made last night, in fact Post wrongly stated that no decisions were made last night. Should be an audio recording of the event on the County Board's web page sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Nothing was mentioned about I-395 Express Lanes.

Anonymous said...

Post was completely uninformative about what was discussed. Why bother sending a reporter to cover these events?