Thursday, January 19, 2012

No Endorsement for Democratic Caucus Candidates


Arlington Yupette will not endorse a candidate for the Democratic Caucus scheduled for today and Saturday.

After attending three candidates debates and watching the AIM-Patch televised debate we have concluded that the Democratic candidates for County Board aren't part of the solution, they're part of the problem.

We ask that Melissa Bondi's possible violations of Virginia's election laws be investigated by the State Board of Elections. If she is to remain appointed to Arlington's advisory commissions and committees we ask that she make a full disclosure of her finances, residencies, and voting status - in Arlington and elsewhere.

We cannot endorse Libby Garvey, Peter Fallon, or Melissa Bondi. They have served on boards, commissions, and committees for over a decade. They don't take responsibility for the problems they helped create.

Kim Klingler and Terron Sims have also served on several major advisory commissions and committees. But this service hasn't translated into significant improvements in the overall quality of life for Arlingtonians, nor in significant improvements in fiscal accountability and public safety.

For these reasons we will not endorse a Democratic candidate for County Board in this week's Democratic Caucus.



fed up Dem said...

I agree with this assessment.

Anonymous said...

Peter Fallon has been particularly obnoxious. In fact, he's Zimmerman's Pinocchio on the Planning Commission.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Melissa Bondi, let the State Board of Elections and the IRS deal with her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's my beef with the five of them. The problems are never the fault of elected and County Board-appointed Democratic insiders. How long has it been since a Republican served in an elected position? Five years?

LOL said...

Who US? Must be some other Democratic Insiders on the School Board, Economic Development Commission, Planning Commission, etc., who rubber-stamped the County Board's agenda.

Anonymous said...

I left a dozen messages for Peter Fallon about mega-infill planned for Lee Hwy (not far from his own neighborhood). Never a response.

Anonymous said...

Mark Kelly is a total shill for Tea Party CreePublicans.