Friday, January 7, 2011

Time to Sue the REITs, County Government, Law Firms, "Community Leaders" for Destroying Neighborhoods

Hello, Yupette,

I just saw the latest so-called "planning" that County Planning Staff (and they don't live in Arlington) proposes to inflict on East Falls Church. Another Shirlington. Just as former County Manager Mike Brown predicted. Another "plaza" that will serve as a "gathering place" for the thousands of new EFC in-fill residents who will overwhelm our schools, playgrounds, parks, and streets. No new open space for parks. The Marymount-O'Connell steal is a harbinger of the gradual destruction of EFC and Williamsburg by the County Board and the REITs, led by "Reitsfuhrer" Zimmerman.

Time to sue the REITs, County Goverment, Attorneys representing the REITs, and County Board-appointed so-called "Community Leaders" for aiding and abetting the destruction of our quiet suburban neighborhoods.

What the hell are we, anyway? Suburban neighborhoods or "mega-infill development opportunities" for out-of-state REITS? Who do Zimmerman and the County Board actually represent? Not us, obviously.

EFC Homeowner


fairgrrl said...

Fairlington homeowners are experiencing major quality-of-life problems resulting from the poorly planned Shirlington redevelopment, which has benefited the REITs at our expense.

Someone mentioned that the County is stuck in 1985. Absolutely correct as it pertains to "planning" in Arlington County.

Susan - Fairlington said...

Who was responsible for Shirlington?

Paul Ferguson

Jay Fisette

Lisa Maher (non-resident Planning Staff)

Federal Real Estate Investment Trust - FRIT (out of state REIT that developed Shirlington)

Martin Walsh, Managing Partner, Walsh, Colucci Law Firm (non-resident attorney who represented FRIT)

Nancy Hunt - "Community Leader" and currently Planning Commissioner

Edward Hilz - "Community Leader" and currently serves on the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Commission; long time Treasurer of the Fairlington Civic Association.

Many others who live nowhere near Shirlington and had major influence on Shirlington "planning" decisions.

22206 said...

Susan, you forgot to mention Scott McCaffrey, who trashes anyone who opposes these REIT steals, even when they affect his own Fairlington neighborhood.

Let's Be Free said...

Used to love Shirlington, met my wife there. County has destroyed the ambience and taken away the nostalgia with the FRT mega-devlopment. County doesn't care about our lives, only about pet projects financed Wall Street and pushed through by the Reitsfuhrer.

Let's Be Free said...

I remember riding bike along old Four Mile Run trail emptying out into bucolic East Falls Church section of the County, cool, shady and quiet. No more. Chris Zapallstreams wants concret jungle.

Anonymous said...

If this were not a "PG" rated blog I would tell you what Ferguson got out of the Shirlington redevelopment steal.

Cindy said...

Nanny Nancy Hunt lives at the end of a dead end street in Fairlington and is totally unaffected by the increased volume of cut-through traffic from Shirlington.

Larry - 22206 said...

Look out EFC, anyone who opposed the FRIT steal in Shirlington was repeatedly threatened with being arrested by rhe Arlington Police.

Peter said...

Are the words "Love Nest" R-Rated? I don't think so.

E F C said...

We're just another "re-development deal" for Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

"East Palls Church Planning"

A Disaster Epic

Produced by Chris Zimmerman

Directed by Chris Zimmerman

Starring Chris Zimmerman as Reitsfuhrer Chris Zimmerman

Stunt Coordination by Non-Resident County Manager Barbara Donnellan

Set Design by Non-Resident County Staff

Screenplay by Out-of-State REITs

Technical Advisors, Non-Resident County Attorney Steve McIssac and Out-of-State Law Firms

Publicity Director, Reitsminister of Information and Propaganda Diana Sun

Casting Director, Mike Nardozimmy

Special Appearances by J.Walter "Nada" Tejada and Mary "Party's Over Here" Hynes

And featuring a cast of thousands of residents and taxpayers as the innocent victims

Anonymous said...

Favola's Lyon Village neighbors took the County to court over one stupid building. Here they want to ruin three large communities - EFC, Williamsburg, and Westover.

Anonymous said...

How about "Starring Chris Zimmerman as Reitsfuhrer Kristof Von Zimmerman"? More appropriate.

Buffy Muffington said...

Von Zimmerman - Awesome

Cindy said...

County Government 3-Step to destroy our neighborhoods:

Step 1 - Allow the commercial areas in the neighborhood to deteriorate.

Step 2 - Recruit "Community Leaders" who loudly proclaim the neighborhood has deteriorated.

Step 3 - Bring in an out-of-state REIT to impose massive infill development on the entire neighborhood.

Kathy said...

I work in Shirlington and it's a mess. Parking is out of control. Although several thousand people live in and around Shirlington and many own their homes Federal Realty still makes the rules.

Why are HOT Lanes planned for I-395? To handle all the vehicles driving to and from mega-infill projects like Shirlington in I-395.

2100 said...

FYI the planning staffer who made many of the decisions about Shirlington (and who lives in Falls Church) just got promoted to be in charge of all the County's transportation planning decisions.

Robert - 22204 said...

Does anyone know whether a person who actually lives in Arlington County gets to see these mega-development and redevelopment proposals before they go to the Planning Commission?

Pikester said...

Since Werner Klemperer has passed on I wonder if Kris Von Zimmerman would be ideal in the role of Colonel Klink in a remake of "Hogan's Heroes"?

Barcrofter said...

Excellent suggestion - and Jane McCafftonelli Barcroft could write the screenplay.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a thread about that. Yupette?

Anonymous said...

Yep, and Jay Fisette could play the late, great, Bob Crane - Colonel Hogan.

Yuppieee said...

Hey, I'm a Yuppie and I want EFC to be another Yuppie Party Zone.

Westover said...

Crystal City was bad enough. I shudder to think how much in infrastructure costs the REITs are going to inflict on Arlington taxpayers and the residential neighborhoods near the EFC "Party Zone".