Thursday, October 27, 2011

Janet Murphy for Delegate in 48th District


We would have endorsed Delegate Bob Brink for re-election, had the 48th District included only North Arlington and McLean. We would have also endorsed Delegate Brink had his Independent Green opponent, Janet Murphy, based her campaign solely on the Independent Green mantra "more trains, less traffic".

However, the 48th District now covers a huge swath of Arlington, and as a country club Democrat Bob Brink does not represent the views of many of his new constituents.

To her credit, Janet Murphy did not base her campaign solely on trains, but also on issues that concern progressive Arlingtonians in the 48th District, like vastly more renewable energy and imposing a renewable portfolio standard on Dominion. She's also concerned about issues like human needs and human rights.

Kathy Gillette-Mallard is a nice Neo-Con from McLean. But her conservative views are out of touch with at least 75% of 48th District voters.

We are disappointed that none of the candidates running in the 48th has yet proposed strategies to deal with infrastructure needs resulting from Virginia's population growth.

Susan and Cindy


Anonymous said...

It's too bad the IGs don't develop their candidates but focus on putting as many candidates on the ballot as possible.

TY said...

Agreed. Brink spends too much time working with country club Republicans to preserve the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Brink is one of a few carefully-selected Democrats who were allowed to join the Washington Golf and County Club.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Gilette-Mallard lives on Planet NeoCom

Anonymous said...

Gillette-Mallard. An old Hippie whose marriage endured while she and hubby drifted steadily to the right?

Anonymous said...

You mean like those two former paragons of counter-culture...Bill and Hill?

Anonymous said...

Imagine fiscal responsibility on the County Board - two adults, call them Audrey and Mark - who would move and second an end to fiscal irresponsibility.

L O L said...

A state redistricting commission was formed last year to prevent gerrymandering abuses.

Anonymous said...

Janet Murhpy is a delight.

Janet Murphy has done fine work for a first time candidate.

We look forward to seeing and hearing more from the gentle, kind, intelligent Janet Murphy.

Thank you Yupette, and thank you Janet Murphy.