Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Arlington Cuts Fire EMS After Roof Collapses on Fairfax County First Responders

Hi Yupette,

Did you know that the roof collapsed on the Bailey's Crossroads fire - EMS station during the snowstorm and subsequently Arlington County government cut a heavy rescue unit and also funding for fire and ems from its 2011 budget?


(According to a press release from Fairfax County the Bailey's Crossroads fire and EMS station roof collapsed on February 9th due to the weight of 2 feet of snow:

"A fire engine, ladder truck, three EMS units, and a utility truck were all extensively damaged. Several personally owned vehicles parked next to the fire station were totaled. There was minimal damage to the administrative and living areas of the station.")



Anonymous said...

If it affects South Arlington no one who has power and influence is interested.

Ken said...

I noticed a big commotion at Bailey's Crossroads when I droive by after the snowstorm. Looked like the entire roof collapsed on the fire and ems equipment inside.

Pike Rider said...

Who in Arlington is ascertaining that the roofs of our fire stations won't collapse under snow or be blown off during a hurricane?

If we are going to have to rescue the rescuers why is Arlington mothballing heavy rescue equipment? Shouldn't we be buying more?

Anonymous said...

We are so concerned about "terrorism" but suffer major loss of life from natural disasters year after year. But never mild the natural disasters, how many pedestrians are killed every year crossing the street in Arlington?

Anonymous said...

Complaining about welfare for the wealthy black tie arts crowd? Especially the Signature Theater? Don't complain to the Sun Gazette. Scotty is all for fiscal responsibility - except when it comes to wealthy special interest groups in the Sun Gazette's targeted affluent enclaves.

Mary said...

Yes, plenty of tax $$$ for the artsy party crowd every year, thanks to Gourmet Jay Fisette, who the Sun Gazette endorsed last election.

Anonymous said...

I think it's much worse. We are headed for classic South African style Apartheid inside / outside the beltway.

I listen to WAMU, watch WETA, and read the Post and the local newspapers, and it's evident Apartheid is where we are headed.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the Arlington Fire Department assessed the snow capacity of fire station roofs shortly after the Bailey's Crossroads roof collapse.