Friday, June 19, 2009

June 16th Recessed County Board Meeting On-Line

"Yupette, the recessed June 16th County Board meeting is back on-line. They are a machine and hostile to criticism, so I am not surprised at anything that happens in the County anymore." Don


Anonymous said...

WHY did the County take over the George Bus system from Falls Church? Zimmerman's and Carlee's explanations make no sense.

22204 said...

So they spent $415,000 to renovate apartment units and $423,000 for apartment to condo conversions in Buckingham. How rational is that?

Anonymous said...

IN-credible. They spent half an hour discussing bottled water and did not want to talk at all about the costs/benefits/risks of taking over Falls Church's bus system.

Todd said...

Zimmerman took a cheap shot at the activists who asked important questions about the ART take-over of the F.C. George Bus system.

Well, here's mine about Zimmerman: He's an autocratic elitist Yuppie windbag.

Where is Chris Zimmerman's "space-time dimension"?

In the wacky era when automobiles competed with street cars aka light rail aka trolleys on urban America's streets.

Every 21st Century urban area on the East Coast - Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Boston among them - that takes mass transit seriously is taking or has taken light rail off busy streets and replaced light rail with hybrid buses.

We need Zimmerman running anything connected to transportation like we need Jay Fisette running Arlington's street paving program.

Anonymous said...

They also voted to spend $470,000 per bus to replace 5-year old ART buses with brand new ART buses. Also minimal discussion.

Mary said...

The County Board also decided not to form a Complete Count Committee for the 2010 Census, which was very effective in obtaining a complete census for Arlington in 2000. Why? The County Board needs ever dime it can squeeze out of the budget to fund its extravagant pet projects.