Wednesday, June 17, 2009

County Board Hosts 'Sit Down' with Moran. They Decide to Go Forward with More Wasteful Tansportation Spending.

On June 15th, the Arlington County Board hosted a 'sit down' with Congressman Jim Moran. Check it out on the County Board's Web site. Result - we can expect more inefficient and expensive transportation 'solutions', from both Moran and the County Board, across the Eighth Congressional District, especially in Arlington.


Rocco said...

Hey, I sat through two hours of this piece of s*** via my laptop.

First of all, Zimmerman is a f****** Moron when it comes to 21st Century Transportation. Second, Moran is a worse f****** Moron for agreeing with Zimmerman.

We need Zimmerman's piece a s*** trolley line on the Pike like we needed their f****** baseball stadium.

Dump all of them and elect some intelligent f****** adults to Congress and the County Board.

Occasional Reader said...

Is Tansportation anything like sun beds for everyone? Just axin.

I not got two hours though, could you summarize where they want to spend the bucks?

A.Y. said...

Moran was late, as usual.

The County Board presented its laundry list of pet projects.

Zimmerman wants his Pike Trolley not only funded for Arlington but for Alexandria and Fairfax County. Also wants light rail funding for Potomac Yards and Georgetown-Rosslyn.

Fisette wants his Rosslyn boathouse funded.

Moran and the County Board agreed to find ways to move the HOT Lanes terminus from Shirlington to L'Enfant Plaza. Zimmerman wants bus lanes on the 14th Street Bridge. No discussion of traffic mitigation otherwise.

County Board wants sit downs in Moran's office with the FAA over massive redevelopment of Crystal City and with the National Park Service over land acquisition for Fisette's expensive aquatics center.

There was much disparagement of jurisdictions outside the 8th Congressional District.

Favola ended the "sit-down" by asking Moran if he' seen the YouTube video about Arlington. (Apparently referring to the rap video that makes fun of yuppiecratic Arlington).

This meeting was all about the County Board's special interest wish list and had nothing to do with the lives of Arlington residents.

Anonymous said...

Yupette, Zimmerman threw a temper tantrum because of Arlington activists going after him for the ART give-away takeover of FC's George Bus on June 16th at the recessed County Board meeting.

Zimmerman is so wacko when he doesn't get his way that he actually blocked public access to the video on the County Board's Web site of the entire June 16th CB meeting - 6 hours. How's that for "Good Local Government"?

Rocco said...

Yupette, Zimmerman is such a f***** embarrassment to the rest of the County Board, especially the two County Board members with any common sense - Hynes and Tejada - that they wish he would resign and run for Congress like his goomba, Gerry Connolly.

Anonymous said...

Idiotic light rail sharing already congested roads and streets plus idiotic HOT lanes equal more traffic congestion and pollution. Thanks Zimmy.