Saturday, January 28, 2012

VDOT Presented 3 Major Options for I-66 to Transportation Commission

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On January 26th VDOT presented three major 'preliminary mobility options' for I-66 to to Arlington Transportation Commission. They are:

A. HOV Restrictions

I-66 lanes in both directions are designated Bus/HOV during peak periods. No new lanes added. In the peak direction, all lanes are Bus/HOV3+ only during peak periods (no change from CLRP). In the reverse peak direction, all lanes are Bus/HOV 2+ only during peak periods. In off-peak periods all lanes are open to all traffic.

B. I-66 Bus/HOV/HOT Lane System

Converts I-66 into an electronically tolled Bus/HOV/high occupancy toll (HOT) roadway.

Testing two options: (1) no new lanes (2) one new lane in each direction. Single occupancy vehicle (SOV) and HOV 2 vehicles tolled. Bus/HOV 3+ vehicles - no tolls. Tolls applies to all lanes in both directions, 24/7.

C. I-66 Capacity Enhancement

Two options that add a lane in both directions:

Option 1:

Peak hours, peak direction - New & Existing lanes Bus/HOV 3+
Peak hours, reverse peak direction - New lane Bus/HOV2+; Existing lanes general purpose.

Option 2:
Peak hours, peak direction - New & Existing lanes Bus/HOV 3+
Peak hours, reverse peak direction - New & Existing lanes general purpose

No restrictions in the off-peak period in both options.

[I-66 Arterials]
E. Arterial Capacity Enhancement

Enhance U.S. 50

Apply access management principles

Implement bus-only lane in each direction and improve bus service in the corridor (e.g., Priority Bus with 10-minute headway)

Bus lane may be introduced by utilizing the shoulders on U.S. 50.

Although coded as Priority Bus, this option will also reveal if demand warrants a higher-capacity mode such as light rail.

These are the major options, see VDOT's Web site for the other mobility options.

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Green said...

No matter what the community wants, VDOT and the Va. government will do just exactly what Frank Wolfe, Bechtel, Halliburton,and Flour Daniel want, which is 2 extra lanes, with the bottom line big payoffs to go to the big players. Doing so has absolutely nothing to do with alleviating gridlock; because, of course, it won't, and that was never intended.

Anonymous said...

I knew there had to be a trolley somewhere in the plans. From where to where to where on Rt 50? Ocean City to Sacramento?

Anonymous said...

Rail to Tysons and Dulles was never meant to make commuting easier and faster. It's a transportation public assistance prgram to enrich developers and REITs.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the Patch blogs are covering restaurant menus and cute dogs.

ArlNow is commenting on agenda items from the last County Board meeting.

Sun Gazette is running ACDC and County Board PR as news.

Anonymous said...

Where was the Post? This was a major announcement by VDOT. People, we are in serious trouble as a nation when we have to rely on blogs for important news.

Anonymous said...

ArlNow is nothing but worthless Demtards and Repigs posting drivel responding to Chamber-of-Commerce Approved threads.

Anonymous said...

Audrey Clement was the only County Board candidate or County Board member who not only attended but addressed remarks to the Transportation Commission.

Pam - 22207 said...

The Zimmerman-appointed Transportation Commission was not happy with VDOT and equally unhappy with Arlington citizens who spoke out against VDOT's plans.

Anonymous said...

All VDOT wants to do is build more and wider roads.

If people who drive into / out of DC, Arlington, etc., on I-66 could telework 1 day a week that would cause a 20% reduction in traffic.

Anonymous said...

Option D - the Zimmerman Option. Trolley tracks on all existing and future I-66 lanes from D/C. to Front Royal.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the article in the Post yesterday about the end of trolley service in DC fifty years ago?

Why was that done? Apparently because trolleys got in the way of auto traffic, and auto traffic got in the way of trolleys.

Alex. said...

Post journalists were too busy celebrating the Post's waterfront development deal courtesy of Alexandria City Council.

Anonymous said...

No serious discussion of telework. Do you realize how many people only commute into and out of DC to attend one or two meetings every day?

Anonymous said...

I thought fiberoptic cable, flat screen TVs and, HD videocams were supposed to free us from commuting.

Intelligent Growth, Not Smart Growth said...

The three primary options should be: Teleworking, Greatly Expanded Bus Service (both locally and to the outer suburbs), and VRE to Gainesville and Culpepper.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me, can someone tell me why VRE service cannot be expanded to Gainesville and Culpeper?

Anonymous said...

Wild guess. Because Dominion doesn't want it to happen?