Tuesday, December 4, 2012

County Board Streetcar Charade Continues - December 4th, 6:30 PM


County Board Work Session With Transit Representatives 
on Streetcar Vehicle Design Considerations

December 4, 2012  6:30 - 8:30 PM

2100 Clarendon Boulevard
County Board Room
Arlington VA  22201

                1.  Work Session Overview and Introductions

                2.  Presentations

                     APTA Streetcar Design Guidelines
                     Columbia Pike Operating Environment
                     Streetcar Vehicle Considerations
                     Streetcar Vehicle Market Survey

                 3. Questions and Answers - Work Session Participants
                      and Presenters
                 4. Staff Summary


Anonymous said...

Google: "Streetcar Crash Test YouTube"

Anonymous said...

Google: wypadki tramwajow

Anonymous said...

I just did...oh my God

Anonymous said...

Corrupt Regime? Mary Hynes told Libby Garvey to shut up when Libby asked about BRT last night.

Anonymous said...

Notice how drivers straddle the tracks, putting them near the curb and into the left hand lane.

Anonymous said...


Something for everyone - shared street streetcar accidents, dedicated right of way streetcar accidents, streetcar derailments.

Anonymous said...

Bus swipes streetcar on the Pike in 2019?


Anonymous said...

The Corrupt Regime is kept in power by Corrupt Media.

Tom said...

I live in Portland. Don't build a streetcar system in Arlington, unless the right of way is totally dedicated to streetcars, meaning no at-grade vehicle street crossings. Too many people and vehicles try to beat the streetcar to cross the tracks on a cross street, or cross the tracks in front of the streetcar if they are pedestrians or bicyclists.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt Media? AOL, which owns Patch, is making subscribers watch WalMart and Best Buy commercials before they are allowed to access their e-mail.

Anonymous said...

How about an A.Y. expose' about Zimmerman's, Tejada's and Fisette's corrupt activities while on the County Board?