Friday, April 23, 2010

Zimmerman's Transportation Flunky Surveys Arlingtonians Regarding Transportation Wants

Hello Yupette,

Today I received a letter from Chris Zimmerman's transportation flunky, Dennis Leach, who is Director of Arlington's Division of Transportation, regarding my transportation wants.

First paragraphs of Mr. Leach's letter read as follows:

Dear ---,

Transportation plays an essential role in Arlington County and the County is committed to meeting residents' transportation needs. We believe it;'s important to offer a wide range of quality travel choices to make travel easier and less stressful. This will be increasingly important in the future, because our population and employment are projected to grow by approximately 25%, without much expansion of the road network.

Your household has been chosen to participate in the Household Travel Survey, which is a survey of daily travel, to be conducted with residents in the Shirlington area by NuStats, a national transportation research firm.

Fairgrrl 22206


L O L said...

Well, why am I not surprised? Zimmy has been Arlington's "Guru of Gridlock" for more than a decade. He approved more expensive Yupscale buildings next to Metro stations with 400-500 parking spaces constructed under or next to every building. Now Zimmy wants to start talking about "traffic mitigation". LOL.

Anonymous said...

Zimmy is doing his Ponzi Scheme thing on the County Board as he does his Ponzi Scheme thing on the WMATA Board. FY 11 Arlington budget is the latest example.

Metro Rider said...

Zimmerman has been putting lipstick on a pig - the obsolete Metrorail system - for more than 15 years.

Jeff said...

Receive Dennis Leach's f'ing transportation survey form? Write "Pave my street NOW, you f'ing Zimmocratic piece of useless $hit" and mail back the form.

Anonymous said...

The streets and roads totally suck and they want everyone to ride bicycles.

Ken said...

Notice their expensive speed tables are disintegrating from being hit by SUVs and pick up trucks?