Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Community Leaders" Attend Another Black Tie Gala While CivFed Fumes About Street Paving

Check out the June issue of the Arlington Civic Federation's monthly newsletter at Nice to see that some organization is (finally) concerned about Arlington's deteriorating infrastructure.


Westie-22205 said...

Hi Yupette,

Well, what do you expect from Yupublicrats like Jay Fisette and Barbara Favola?

Not only do our streets need repaving in Westover, but the damn streetlights put almost all the light above the streets.

Gay and Not Voting for Jay in 2009 said...

I dare you to print this.

Jay Fisette's three priorities while elected to the County Board have been: Dick, Disco, and Dish. Not necessarily in that order. He could give a shit less about Arlington's deteriorating infrastructure.

BTW, I'm a gay guy who's been out for about 15 years and who's lived in Arlington for 22 years.

Anonymous said...

Fisette and Favola suck big time. Tejada is not far behind.

22206 said...

Did you hear what happened when the County Board had a walk-through of Fairlington a couple weeks ago? The Fairlington Civic Association, which functions as the County Board's ward heelers, told Fairlington residents who complained about infrastructure deterioration to "shut up".

Anonymous said...

How about a thread about the Gala the $ignature is throwing for Jay Fi$ette on June 15th?