Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dumb Growth - Yuppiecrat / Yupublican Values at Play

A.Y. has heard enough about "Dumb Growth." Time for Arlingtonians to tell the Urban Village Idiots who micro-manage Arlington what they think.


Anonymous said...

On the topic of dumb growth, that paper bag on your shoulders in the profile surely is dumb growth.

Anonymous said...

Arlington Yuppette, what is that thing on your head in your picture?

Wendy said...

Hi, A.Y., glad to see you're incognito. Republicans are SO malicious. Growth in Arlington isn't dumb, it's stupid. Way too much traffic being generated. Almost zero renewable energy. Do the Yuppiecrats listen to their own party's candidates at its convention? The Yupublicans are hopeless dopes who want more of the same no matter what the future consequences.

Arlington Yupette said...

Fine print on bag:

"This Trader Joes bag is made from 100% post consumer PET obtained from transparent chips (from clear plastic bottles), that's why they're able to make white fabric without bleaching. Post consumer PET is collected through commercial and residential recycling programs. The resulting fabric is soft, light, and durable."

Anonymous said...

Hey, Arlington Yupette, "Jane Barcroft" is mad at you for exposing her identity - Karen Murray, a sometime gal pal of ex-Housing Commissioner John "Dumb Growth" Antonelli.

Denise said...

It's bi-partisan, Yupicrats and Yupublicans carter to the greed of out-of-state developers.

They gentrified the middle class and working class out of Arlington and built expensive homes and condos in metrorail corridors and wonder why the major highways are bumper to bumper and parking is becoming impossible.

Seen any needy people attending the Dem National Convention? You won't see any at the Repub National Convention either. Bunch of Cindy McCains and Cindy wannabees, like Michelle Obama.

Anonymous said...

Seen the film version of "Sweeney Todd"? If "Jane Barcroft" aka Karen Murray and her guy pal John Antonelli ever find out who the Arlington Yupette is they will make her the "Sweeney Todd" in Karen's next psycho fantasy violence novel. So keep wearing that Trader Joes bag, A.Y.!!

Anonymous said...

Look at what Tony Williams and Adrian Fenty have done to DC's middle class and working class.

Arlington's Board of Development, Entertainment, and Recreation set the example for the DC City Council

Check out Columbia Heights and the SE neighborhood near the new Nationals Stadium.

Middle class and working people were gentrified out. Yuppies are now the favored class. The middle class no longer takes Metrorail to work downtown from uptown. Today they commute in from the outer suburbs 40 miles away.

Chris Zimmerman, Arlington's Dumb Growth Dummy, told Tony Williams and Adrian Fenty everything they needed to know about gentrifying the middle class and workers, who keep the infrastructure going, out of DC.

What Zimmerman did to Arlington Fenty is doing to DC. Welcome to the 21st Century, thanks to the Yuppiecrats and Yupublicans.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention. It's obvious that Arlington Yuppiecrats and Yupublicans just don't care about us, the middle class. They are a bunch of elitists an resegregationists.

Barcrofter said...

Even Jane Fonda eventually got a life, when will Kate Murray and John Antonelli?

Anonymous said...

The people who control Arlington want to make Arlington an upscale elitist enclave. They make life miserable for anyone who gets in their way.

I am very worried about the air quality here. It's almost as bad as Los Angeles. Yet Zimmerman keeps bringing more huge in-fill projects to Arlington and puts Repubs like Nancy Hunt and Jim Pebley on the Planning Commission, to ensure we will have more of the same.

A.Y. keep wearing that TJ bag. Anyone who calls the County Manager's office and asks that their street be repaved because of pot holes is called a "troublemaker" and worse.

Anonymous said...

A.Y., Development in Arlington is like a game of 3-card monte played on a downtown DC street corner.

Out of state developers bankroll the game.

The County Board is moving around the cards.

Planning Commission, Housing Commission, County Staff, etc., are the shills.

Arlington taxpayers are the suckers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, AY, how about a thread about Arlington County's Yuppie budget and spending priorities?

My 2-cents about Yupicrats and Yupublicans, they're like rap and hip-hop, twenty-five years of them is enough.