Monday, October 3, 2011

Closed Door Planning for Massive Re-Development of Shirlington Continues

Hello Yupette,

The closed door re-development planning of Shirlington's industrial sites by non-residents continues. Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan, County Economic Development Director Terry Holzheimer, Planning Director Bob Brosnan, and County Planning Staff headed by Richard Tucker (all non-residents) are coordinating an effort with several developers and the Arlington Chamber of Commerce to massively re-develop what's referred to as the Shirlington Crescent (bounded by Shirlington Road, I-395, and south of S. 24th Road).

Phase 1, the Lower Shirlington Special Study began with closed door meetings in late September to develop policy guidelines for re-development of three industrial sites - the concrete batching plant, the lumber distributor and Rosenthal's vehicle storage yard. Phase 1 planning will continue until February 2012. Phase 2 of the planning effort will entail development of a comprehensive Shirlington Crescent / Four Mile Run plan, which will commence in early 2012 after the Special Study process is concluded. Phase 2, which will last for 2 years will develop site plans and zoning along the lines of Shirlington Village with the addition of at least two major retail outlets. At least 1,000 vehicle parking spaces will be constructed, there will be little or no affordable housing, and the open space will consist of small plazas and medians.

BTW, the County Board's ward heelers in the Shirlington neighborhood civic associations know all about the 'planning' for Shirlington's industrial sites but are only allowed to talk with residents about 'big box' zoning.



At 03 October, 2011 , Anonymous T.Y. said...

Bet a doughnut that "big box zoning" was a rumor / charade coordinated by the sleazy County Board, sleazy County Manager, sleazy planning staff, sleazy Chamber of Commerce, sleazy Planning Commission, sleazy developers, and sleazy County Board ward heelers who control most of the civic associations.

At 03 October, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arlington County is a full-employment program for non-resident 'planning' staff whose goal is to totally urbanize Arlington before they retire and move back to where they grew up in Podunk Pennsylvania.

At 03 October, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never mind Barbara Favola, do you think Tejada, Hynes, Zimmerman, and Fisette are going to stick around much longer? I don't.

At 03 October, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Non-residents on County "Planning" Staff are so obnoxious that they ignore requests from County residents for basic information about the projects they're planning.

At 04 October, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'big box zoning' amendment is on the Planning Commission's agenda tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

At 04 October, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, 15 years ofter the old Best Buy was closed in Shirlington Village we get a Best Buy in Shirlington Village II?

At 04 October, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charades? Next Pike Plenary Charade is October 18th,

At 04 October, 2011 , Anonymous Sarasota Sarah said...

Hey, Yupette, I'm sending you info. about our last Planning Director and your next Planning Director, Peter Katz, who (fortunately for us and unfortunately for you) was fired by Sarasota County for pissing off every environmental, civic, affordable housing, etc., group on the southern FL Gulf Coast by his mega-infill arrogance, secret deal making, and massive give-aways to developers.


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