Friday, February 10, 2017

Garvey Bought 2016 CB Election With Tax Dollars to Special Interests for Votes


AY was recently able to acquire copies of County Board members' desk appointment calendars for Calendar Year 2016 from an Independent who (like those who publish this blog) doesn't "go along with the program". The desk calendars were obtained via a FOIA request. More than 27% of County voters didn't go along with the program last election and voted for Independent Audrey Clement for County Board.

Libby Garvey's desk calendar indicates that she spends about 85% of her time on things that have little or nothing to do with day-to-day governance. How did she win? Primarily through buying votes with tax dollars.

For example, it's obvious that the complete "de-industrialization" of the Four Mile Run Valley is a done-deal, no matter how many millions the County spends on 4MRV planning charades. Libby met with sports, recreation, and performing arts groups throughout 2016 in various local restaurants (e.g., Busboys and Poets, Alexandria Pastry Shop, Bayou Bakery) and promised that every sports and recreation activity - from dog parks to soccer - would get quality space once industrial buildings in the 4MRV corridor are torn down. Same promises to performing arts groups. In the event anyone wondered why there has been no discussion in 4MRV work sessions about preserving collision repair shops, etc., on Four Mile Run Drive.

Oh, Libby also met repeatedly with the local media, especially ArlNow owner and publisher Scott Brodbeck, and promised they would continue to receive favorable treatment from the County's public information, aka smart growth propaganda, machine.

Whew, what a lot of work. No wonder Lyin' Libby asked for a big increase in her County Board salary.