Saturday, January 4, 2014

Arlington Politicos Give Robert Atkins a Big Send Off

Hey Yupette:

Drove on Arlington's iced-over streets to Central Library this morning to attend Bob Atkins's memorial service. Quite a surprise to see it was standing room only in the library's auditorium. Almost everyone who's active in Arlington politics attended.

Turns out Bob was more active in local politics and local organizations than we realized. He served for many years as Treasurer of the Arlington Republican Party, and also served in various positions for social service  non-profits, ranging from his civic association to an organization assisting HIV/AIDS victims.

Whatever Bob's personal life was like, and it appears it was messy, as the lives of complex people often are, he was always ready to help others when asked. He never asked for anything for himself the many times he appeared before the County Board..

Did the County Board respect Bob? Yes. Did the County Board listen to Bob? Hardly ever. Bob's Bluemont neighborhood is the latest "redevelopment opportunity" on the County Board's "New Urbanism" agenda. County Board members are too fixated on their own belief system - helping political, non-profit, and corporate cronies - to listen to anyone but their good buds, and the voices in their own heads.

Bluemont Guy


At 04 January, 2014 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Arlington Republican Party can't find an effective spokesperson to replace Bob Atkins it should disband and let the Libertarians become the second major political party in Arlington.

At 04 January, 2014 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there were not so many Republicans who are congressional staffers, RNC staff, Republican lobbyists, etc., living in Arlington the ACRC would have been defunct years ago.

At 04 January, 2014 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see all the County Staff who attended?

At 04 January, 2014 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice how many pols attended Bob Atlins's memorial service compared to how few attended the C.B. organizational meeting New Year's Day?

At 05 January, 2014 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob was a libertarian. The service was in recognition of his many kindnesses over many years to many organizations, not his irascible objections to various things local government did or didn't do.

At 09 January, 2014 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two major redevelopment projects for Bluemont (Glebe Road) going to the Planning Commission next week.

At 13 January, 2014 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The redevelopment of the site Marymount University owns at Fairfax Drive and Glebe Road is going to cause major league traffic problems.


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