Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Future of Yuppieism?

New thread: What's the future of Yuppieism?


At 15 December, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yups are just going to get worse and worse. Check out what Gen Z is doing..... total hedonism.

At 18 December, 2007 , Anonymous Katrina said...

Agreed. Look at the outer suburbs where the GenXers and GenYs live. Full of large energy wasting homes and 3-car garages with SUVs that get at most 20 miles per gallon. The Sierra Club billionaires are in control of our so-called environmental policy and their kids and grandkids are a bunch of outright hedonists.

At 23 December, 2007 , Anonymous More Charades said...

Global Warming is for real. The Yuppie response to Global Warming is to buy a few florescent light bulbs for their 3-vehicle heated garages to illuminate the H2 Hummer, Lincoln Navigator, and Lexus GS 460.

At 02 January, 2008 , Anonymous blogposter said...

Agreed. Hey A.Y., how about a list of the most obnoxious Yups of the Year for 2007?


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