Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wakefield - Yorktown SAT Score Spread Completely Unacceptable


Anyone else see the 257 point SAT score spread between Wakefield and Yorktown students? This is unacceptable to me and should be unacceptable to you.

Arlington will spend almost 50% of the $1.1 billion County FY 11 revenue on our schools. It's time for a major change in the School Board, not more excuses for more of the same.



At 14 September, 2010 , Anonymous Parent said...

Time to retire at least 3 School Board members. And elect Miriam Gennari.

At 14 September, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am unhappy with Patrick Murphy. He's more a recreation leader and cheerleader for the status quo than an educator.

At 14 September, 2010 , Anonymous Mary Anne said...

Know what else is completely unacceptable? When long-time school board members bring the President of the United States to a high school and he tells the students that THEY have to take personal responsibility for the failures of the school board.

At 14 September, 2010 , Anonymous Sun Gazette Sucks said...

Know what ELSE is completely unacceptable? When a wuss of an editor of a local weekly newspaper does his nanny micro-management thing to his readers on behalf of his government and NGO controllers to maximize advertising revenue for his newspaper's Fortune 100 owners.

At 14 September, 2010 , Anonymous Another Parent said...

Oh, there's 'only' a 257 point spread in total SAT scores between Wakefield and Yorktown? The spread would be 357 points if Wakefield students hadn't opted to take the ACT rather than the SAT.

At 15 September, 2010 , Anonymous Maria said...

I am disgusted by the local media shills for the recreation-remediation status quo brought to us by Sally Baird and Libby Garvey.

Wakefield's SAT scores are below the state average. Yet we spend more than twice the state average on 'educating' Arlington's students. Time for a big change on the school board.

At 15 September, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The local media (yes they are $hills for the Status quo) consistently misspell $AT. $AT scores have proved for decades to be reliable predictors of one thing - the wealth and $ocio-economic $tatus of parents.

At 15 September, 2010 , Anonymous Terri said...

What if all the kids who graduated or would have graduated from Wakefield had taken the SAT? Including the 1/3 of the Class of 2010 who didn't finish in 4 years (drop outs).

Average total SAT score would be about 1300.

At 16 September, 2010 , Anonymous Susan said...

So Wakefield is partying because one of the teachers there is a finalist to receive a regional award? Another distraction from education. The State of Virginia should have taken over Wakefield years ago from the School Board 'Party Crewe'. What the School Board is really good at is hosting an event at a school that has nothing to do with education and issuing press releases about how wonderful the school is. BTW, Wakefield has a 32% drop out rate.


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