Tuesday, June 29, 2010

County Allows Gentrification Contractor Dumping at Pike Recycling Site

Hello Yupette,

Have you visited the recycling site on Columbia Pike at Four Mile Run on weekends recently? The County is allowing contractors who are working on gentrification projects to dump debris at the recycling site, including mixed with the recycled cans and bottles. Sunday I saw that some group that had a large picnic dumped about 20 large bags of food waste off at the site. Disgusting. This is in Chris Zimmerman's neighborhood and when I asked the County Manager's office what could be done they said "We're working on it".



At 29 June, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has been going on for years; it's tolerated because the debris comes from gentrification projects in the surrounding neighborhoods - Barcroft, Douglas Park, etc.

At 29 June, 2010 , Anonymous Sheesh said...

You can talk to the County Manager about it at the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. It will cost you $55. Ask Chamber Booster Scott McCaffrey for details.

At 29 June, 2010 , Anonymous Douglas Park said...

I called DES and the person I spoke with said - "What do you expect us to do?"

At 29 June, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the police? Responding to shoplifting complaints from convenience store managers.

At 29 June, 2010 , Anonymous 2100 said...

The Arlington County Police Department is 100% reactive.

At 29 June, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arlington PD only knows what it hears from neighborhood association busybodies, who are not going to say anything because the gentrification construction debris from Barcroft, Douglas Park, etc., is 'recycled' at the Pike recycling site.

At 29 June, 2010 , Anonymous Jane B. said...

How alarming! Mittens's aunt's cousin who lives in the area avers that the aforementioned varlets have disgorged their debris near the banks of our beloved Four Mile Envirosphere for half a decade. If I weren't off to my 35th Reunion at my lovely Alma Mater, Barf College, I would hie to the Run with Special Agent Pestosmelly and our dear partner in crime novels, Smitty NcCaffrey. So, adieu and bon chance in apprehending the culprits.

At 29 June, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schulz walked around the Red Hook antique store while Joan spoke to the young manager.

"What do you do here for fun? Do You date guys from Barf College?"

"No way. They're all psychos. Leon Botflye let them live in apartments and they trashed the apartments. Then he let them live in trailers and they pushed the trailers down a ravine. They're all spoiled brat psychos. No way do I want to have anything to do with Barf."

"She was pretty vehement about that, Jim," said Joan while they were having lunch in Rhinebeck.

"I'm not surprised at all," Schulz replied.

At 06 July, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, there was "Gentrification Dumping" at the Pike Recycling Site again last weekend.


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