Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Extravagant County Board Spending to Cause an $80-$100 Million Budget Shortfall Next Year

According to the Arlington County Board's own Web site, the County Board is facing a $80 million to $100 million budget deficit next year, largely as the result of the County Board's extravagant spending on pet "vanity projects" and give-aways to pet special interests. A $100 million budget shortfall would translate into a 10% residential real estate tax increase next year.


At 28 October, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fisette could care less. He's out campaigning for gay marriage in DC. He should move there. We can't afford him on the Arlington County Board for for 4 more years.

At 28 October, 2009 , Anonymous Cindi said...

Earth to Jay Fisette. When will my kid in Arlington be able to receive a H1N1 vaccination?

At 28 October, 2009 , Anonymous Westover said...

I tried to determine how much the Gala party for the cultural center that Fisette's friends threw at the Newseum a few weeks ago cost the taxpayers. Was told that it would take weeks before all the vendors submitted their invoices to the County.

At 28 October, 2009 , Anonymous 2100 said...

Fisette used the taxpayer-paid gala for his campaign. His campaign asked for both volunteers and contributions at the event.

At 28 October, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same thing Fisette did at the Signature Gala a few months, only this time the taxpayers paid for the event. Jay belongs in D.C., working for Fenty.


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